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Treatments continued

"Life is more fun when we feel good!"

Tui Na and Cupping

Cupping. Cupping in the Olympics.

Move The Stagnation

Some Tui Na and cupping are incorporated into most treatments because there is no substitute for good tissue manipulation. This helps rejuvenate your senses as well as relax and invigorate your body. When we are relaxed we tend to make healthier choices resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Tai Chi and Meditation


Self Cultivation

Tai Chi and meditation are perhaps the most profound practices one can implement on a regular basis while pursuing better health, more creativity, and a higher level of consciousness. Personally, I have never seen anything else that even comes close to benefiting our health as much as these practices. A regular tai chi and meditation practice will undoubtedly improve every area of your life. Private and group classes are available.

Private Wellness Coach


Ready For A Change!

If you prefer direct access to your healthcare provider and appreciate having them on speed dial to answer questions and support you on your journey to wellbeing, this is the program for you. The Private Wellness Coaching program is designed for those seeking all access support toward better health, harmonious living, and self-realization. Participants work one-on-one with Phillip Ward L.Ac, via FaceTime, telephone, and/or direct messaging. Each session is customized to address any immediate concerns pertaining to health, diet, exercise, sleep habits, meditation, Qi Gong, creative expression, focused intention, self-realization and cultivation. 

"This program evolved from my passion for living a healthy, mindful life with a higher level of awareness. The modalities taught here are personally designed for each individual to create optimal health, inner peace, endless creativity and energy. I have been blessed to spend the last 22 years working with some of the most successful, artistic, top-performing individuals in the world. I live to share my experiences, as well as learn, with those interested in reaching their highest potential in every arena of life." 

-Phillip Ward

This program also works well for those that live outside of the Los Angeles area or for those that travel on a regular basis. Please contact the office for more details.

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