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Life is more fun when we feel good!

For years family and friends have asked me why I get acupuncture, practice tai chi, meditate, run Spartan Races, take random dance classes, etc. etc... and the answer is always the same: "Because it makes me feel good." These activities have undoubtedly improved my quality of life by helping to keep me healthy and energetic. With our jobs, families, financial stressors, taxes, illnesses, and the like there are ample opportunities for us to feel exhausted, stressed, and stuck in the muck. If this sounds familiar perhaps it is time to challenge yourself to step out and discover the tools and activities that will nourish your inner feel good.

Finding the tools that best supports our wellbeing and good health is a wonderful and intriguing adventure that can last a lifetime. Whether it is acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, meditation, drinking tea, gardening, or dancing, there is no one activity, diet, or lifestyle that is perfect for everyone. We are all beautifully unique so search out and embrace the activities that will support your individuality.

Learning to recognize individual uniqueness is a principle that dances through the core of Chinese Medicine. Every patient is approached exactly where they are, on that day, in that moment, with an emphasis on their specific internal patterns. Anything that is robbing you of good health and your maximum potential is addressed specifically for you in your treatment. Ailments are not treated in isolation but rather the whole person-mind, body, emotions, and even spirit-is taken into account when determining the best approach to achieving optimal results. For example, two patients that suffer from migraines can get relief from two entirely different treatments. We are all individuals with different needs, recognizing this is one of the beauties of Chinese Medicine.

If one of your goals is to feel good more often, I encourage you to make a commitment to identify the tools or activities that best support you feeling your absolute best. Come to truly "Know thyself" by heightening your awareness through discovering that which best supports you and then adjust your lifestyle to include those activities. Why? Because, of course, "Life is more fun when we feel good!" Hope you discover something amazing. Have a fantastic day.

What are some of your healthy activities or tools that support you/make you feel good?


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